Type: 410


~ 92 mm
Typ 410 von E-T-A: Ein- (Typ 410), zwei- (Typ 520) oder dreipoliger (Typ 530), thermisch-magnetischer Leistungsschutzschalter

Single (type 410), double (type 520) and three pole (type 530) high performance thermal-magnetic circuit breakers with tease-free, trip-free, snap action mechanism and toggle actuation (S-type TM CBE to EN 60 934; also to EN 60 947). Designed for rail, panel or surface mounting. Available with a choice of characteristic curves and optional auxiliary contacts.

Voltage rating
  • AC 240 V
  • DC 110 V
Current ratings from 10 A until 125 A  (EN 60947)
from 7 A until 100 A  (EN 60898)
Number of poles single pole
Mounting method flange
rail mounting
Terminal design screw terminals
Actuation manual release
Auxiliary contacts with auxiliary contacts
without auxiliary contacts
Water splash protection with water splash protection
without water splash protection
Illumination without illumination
Typical life 10,000 operations at 1 x IN

20,000 operations mechanical
Interrupting capacity Icn AC 240 V: 6,000 A

DC 110 V: 5,000 A


Order number Description
X 211 118 01

splash cover transparent for 2- and 3-pole types

X 211 705 01

terminal insulation cover


  • Automation
  • Chemical, Oil & Gas
  • Lighting technology
  • Rail vehicles


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