Motor Home

From standard components to digital switching system solutions. Start into the digital future of mobile homes with our products

Digital Switching Technology, the smart alternative to conventional power distribution systems

Digital Switching Systems such as PowerPlex®® offer comprehensive options for controlling and monitoring including automation of important functions. The provide power distribution as well as control of all electrical and electronic systems such as illumination, heating, pumps and fans.

Central operation is via user-friendly user interfaces by means of displays and smart phones. A PowerPlex® system is individually adjusted to your requirements and is an integral part of the vehicle.

Digital Switching: Artless and elegant

Fuse distributors, cross switches and other complex cabling are a thing of the past. Manufacturers of motor homes and caravans appreciate the easy installation and the clear innovative edge.

The modular design increases flexibility and allows weight savings and shorter production times. Users appreciate the convenience of operating their mobile homes’ systems via intuitive user interfaces and benefitting from new technologies which are fit for the future.


A harmonised software platform for more flexibility

Thanks to the PowerPlex® Suite, you can create your own user interfaces. You can also define light and switching scenarios, monitoring and alarm displays. You decide if control is effected by a touch of the finger or if entire events run automatically.

Increase convenience by intelligent scenarios with the connection of multimedia engineering and other control functions such as automatic light control, temperature regulation and safety functions.

Reliable operation increases customer satisfaction

The well-proven CAN bus technology of the automotive sector is the basis of our PowerPlex®® system. Your customers are supplied with an on-board electrical system that offers safety, reliability and user-convenience.

It regulates, controls and monitors many different loads conveniently, reliably and - if required - automatically, e.g. lighting, heating, step treads, lift-up beds, sunblinds, tanks and more.

Special safety functions alert the owner in the event of malfunctions.


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