Professional tools

Protecting - switching - monitoring in professional tools

Circuit breaker/switch combinations and resettable circuit breakers for switching and protecting loads

An enormous time and deadline pressure characterise work processes in the trade industries today. Downtimes on a construction site due to failed tools are a nightmare for the workmen, but they also can be really expensive. Therefore, and rightly so, trade and repair businesses today have high expectations in terms of reliability and functional stability of electrical tools.

E-T-A circuit breakers reliably protect professional tools in the event of an overload against damage caused by overheating. In addition, E-T-A circuit breakers will only trip if infact a hazardous overcurrent occurs. This is ensured by the fact that they do not change their trip characteristics over time.

Fast and reliable restart

Unscheduled machine downtimes lead to cost-intensive downtimes in apparatus and machine construction. Compared to fuses, E-T-A circuit breakers have the competitive edge that they can quickly and reliably be reset after tripping. 

Time-consuming replacement of blown fuses is eliminated. This saves valuable time and is easy on your nerves, because suitable replacement fuses are not always right at hand.

Quick trouble-shooting

If resettable circuit breakers or circuit breaker/switch combinations are used, it is easy to detect that there is a fault in the protected circuit. In the event of an overcurrent, the push button or switch  changes into the OFF position. The problem can be clearly identified.

If fuses are used, you need an additional ON/OFF switch, but such a switch remains in the ON position if the fuse blows. Especially with several loads - and therefore several switches - this is a clear disadvantage and a problem in fault finding.

Avoiding nuisance tripping

E-T-A’s circuit breakers will only trip in the event of a hazardous overcurrent. Circuit breakers do not change their trip characteristics over time and can exactly be adjusted to the load to be protected by means of bimetal calibration. 

This is different with fuses, because they age and become faster and faster over time. Subsequently, devices are often switched off unnecessarily. This causes standstills which the customers wish to prevent by all means.


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