Flexible and comprehensive solutions for power distribution and protection

You are looking for centralised or decentralised power distribution systems including protection against overcurrent and short circuit? We offer solutions tailor-made to your applications.

Our range includes applications like central electrics in vehicles, fuse panels or main distribution boards in telecommunications or power distribution systems in industrial plants.

We do the project planning and supply individual components or complete solutions on E-T-A platforms. From the initial concept to the complete engineering design including rapid prototyping – from mechanical to electronic hardware to user interfaces. Software-based E-T-A system solutions quickly, reliably and effectively provide you with complex information. In connection with Industry 4.0 or the Internet of Things (IoT), this opens up a wealth of possibilities.

What system engineering »made by E-T-A« does for you: You get your desired product much faster, because E-T-A offers all services from one source. You benefit from our experience of nearly seven decades regarding overcurrent and short circuit protection.

Your benefits:

  • Short project lead times
  • Fast and artless design
  • Cost-effective even with small or medium quantities
  • Long product life span through components which are fit for the future

We offer:

  • Mechanical components
  • Hardware CPU HMI
  • Software


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