Circuit Breakers, Power Relays & SSRPCs | Specialty vehicles

Powerful products and customer-specific system solutions for your special applications

Power relays, intelligent power distribution systems and tailor-made system solutions for switching and monitoring of loads

We provide more safety and more reliability for your product. Are you looking for custom designed, innovative and powerful protection solutions for your specialty vehicle? E-T-A products are one step ahead of state-of-the-art.

Our products allow taking the next steps towards digitisation, reduction of installation space and flexibility. They help protect and switch loads professionally by means of relays and PDUs. In addition, you allow communication of different vehicle components via CAN bus with our smart products.

Reliability under extreme conditions

Our products with high IP ratings offer unrivalled reliability even under harsh environmental conditions. Even shock and vibration do not impair their performance.

The E-T-A high voltage relay disconnects the HV battery from the on-board electrical system - reliably and arc-free, even under load.

Predictive maintenance

The use of specialty vehicles begins where series or standard products are no longer sufficient. Exactly for this reason, the reliability of these vehicles is extremely important.

Our CAN-capable products provide diagnosis information which allows taking action for predictive maintenance and thus increases failure safety.


E-T-A system solutions and CAN components allow easy and uncomplicated realisation of the most different vehicle options. Use the same hardware for a range of vehicle versions and configure the corresponding software flexibly.


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