Electronic Overcurrent Protection Systems (DC)

Supply, overcurrent protection and power distribution in a single system

E-T-A’s compact and flexible REX system represents a comprehensive DC 24 V protection and distribution solution for machine and panel builders, under the headline »all in one«.

What are the benefits of our all-in-one solution?

The REX12 is a perfectly matched system with an optimised number of components and functionalities. All-in-one solution means: Central input + protection + power distribution in one complete system. This creates considerable time and cost advantages.

Your benefits:

  • Increases machine uptime – through clear failure detection, high transparency and remote diagnosis
  • Flexibility is ensured – through ease of assembly or disassembly, modular design and convenient adjustment
  • Saves 50 % time – through innovative and flexible connection technology
  • Saves costs – as no further accessories are required
  • Saves space - because each module has a width of only 12.5 mm

Are you looking for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance?

Storage and evaluation of all data logged in machinery and plants is the precondition for industry 4.0 solutions on the score of “condition monitoring” and also “predictive maintenance”. Our power distribution and protection system REX12 will help to enhance transparency in your plant and consistency of your systems.

International standards: UL 508, NEC Class2, EN 60204-1

Besides the UL508 approval and NEC Class2, the REX12 exclusively meets the requirements of cable protection to EN60204-1. This is possible because the internal fail-safe element in the shape of a blade fuse corresponds to the current rating of the circuit protector in question. Concretely, this means that the current rating of the protector and the rating of the fail-safe element are identical.

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All-in-one Solution:


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All-in-one solution :