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The E-T-A Current informs you about latest developments and applications, featuring topics like systems in power distribution, system technology, circuit breakers and protectors, relays. It provides you with expert advice from practical experience, answers to FAQs and more.

Here you will find the latest issues for downloading, reading and getting ideas. Enjoy reading!

Issue 3/2022

  • The Future is DC - New overcurrent protection concepts for industrial DC voltage networks
  • Circuit Breaker/Switch Combinations - Switching and protecting in one component
  • High Performance, Small Design - Our power distribution system as PCB solution
  • Solutions for DC 48 V On-Board Electrical Systems - Intelligent power distribution, power relays and circuit breakers
  • DC 24 V Power Distribution Solution - 2210-T circuit breaker


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Issue 3/ 2022

  • PFR12D - Power4® REX | DC 24 V switch mode power supply for the REX system
  • The Voltage Rises | New SCS200 versions for 24V and 48V
  • REX12 and CPC12 | For "predictive maintenance"
  • More Space for Active Technlogy | Space-saving power distribution systems
  • Autonomous Robots Safely on the Move | The MPR20 switches and protects

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Issue 2/ 2022

  • High Vlotage Protection | E-T-A works on the elecrical vehicles of the future
  • Small, Fast and Temperature Stable | E-T-A 1410 circuit breaker
  • Safe and Flexible in Wood-working
  • Intelligent DC 24 V Power Distribution | Integrating ControlPlex® into automation technology
  • Maximum Safety on the Street | The SCS1000 protects English speciality vehicles

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Issue 1/2022

  • A Stable Network at All Times - Intelligent overcurrent protection for communication networks
  • CPC20 - Highest flexibility and transparency
  • Interview - Condition monitoring for best performance in the injection moulding machine
  • Good Practice - Plug & play power distribution
  • Total Commitment From the Coast to the River - PowerPlex® protects and supports Rhinomax

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Issue 3/2021

  • PERFECTLY TAILORED PROTECTION E-T-A offers mechanical circuit breakers for every application
  • FULL OF ENERGY IN ACTION We protect lives and asset
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT New features for the smart SCS200 and SCS1000/3000 PDUs
  • SAFETY NET Redundant power distribution systems in data centres 
  • HARD WORK FOR THE MPR20 Extreme loads are reliably trans-mitted and connected

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Issue 2/2021

  • FULL OF ENERGY AND IDEAS FOR THE FUTURE We are overcurrent protection and innovation
  • SIMPLE SOLDERING PCB mounted circuit breakers
  • DC 24 V PROTECTION OF CLASS 2 CIRCUITS What needs to be observed for the US market?
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE CHARGING AND DISCHARGING Our team in Russia has successfully marketed the HVR10

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Issue 1/2021

  • Less is more - power entry modules help save costs.
  • In the Digital Lead According to the F.A.Z.-Institut, E-T-A is one of Germany's digital innovation leaders
  • CPC20EN ControlPlex® Controller Internationally  communicative
  • ControlPlex® Rack Intelligent solution for power distribution and overcurrent protection 
  • Arrived Down Under MPR20 monostable electro-mechanical power relay


Issue 3/2020

  • A strong duo: Extensions in the REX portfolio: REX22 and CPC12
  • We are there for you: E-T-A keeps you up-to-date - even in times without tradeshows  
  • Intelligent systems made easy: The SCS® Smart Control Systems product group
  • Communication without limits: PowerPlex® on-board management system
  • Safety is guaranteed: ESX10-T electronic circuit protector in the oil and gas industry


Issue 1/2020

  • Nothing burns. Professional overcurrent protection with thermal circuit breakers for equipment protection
  • Online in the fore - Did you notice the latest changes to the E-T-A website? 
  • Connected Even Better - The REX system received a field bus connection
  • Relays for all purposes E-T-A expands its relay portfolio
  • Optimal use of space in trams 2216-S thermal-magnetic circuit breaker optimises power distribution systems


Issue 3/2019

  • Reliably switching high currents Solid State Smart Power Relay SPR10-T for DC 12 V and DC 24 V applications
  • We are overcurrent protection Why you should trust experts on such an important subject
  • Voltage on the rise On the trail of a megatrend in many industries: 48 V
  • Reliable short circuit trip even with long cable lengths? Planning tool for ideal protection in chemical plants
  • Reliable protection E-T-A’s REX12D-T protects plants and systems in the foodstuffs industry


Issue 2/2019

  • Modern electronics meets classic mechanics Electronic circuit breakers offering physical isolation
  • Where it is fun to work Why E-T-A is a Great Place to Work
  • Protecting and switching with one component 3120-N circuit breaker/switch combination
  • Voltage monitoring on board E-T-A’s HPR10 power relay provides overvoltage and undervoltage detection
  • Healthcare with precision 3120 circuit breaker scores at PHC Corporation (PHC)


Issue 1 2019

  • Dual leadership Making E-T-A a family business all round
  • The drive is safe ESX10-T electronic circuit protector
  • A whole universe of relays Long life span, robust design and high performance
  • Against oblivion - reliable supply of storage systems High Power-D-Box power distribution system protects memory system


Issue 3 2018

  • Staying flexible - Changing current ratings made easy: The REX12D-TE2 electronic DC 24 V circuit protector
  • Why you can trust the E-T-A brand: E-T-A is at the service of its customers all over the world
  • Robust, economical and smart: MPR10, MPR20 and HPR10 electro-mechanical power relays
  • Compact and powerful solutions from the construction industry for electrically powered construction machines
  • Visual wafer inspection: The REX12-T electronic circuit protector in measuring and test equipment


Issue 2 2018

  • An innovative company with tradition - Seven decades of E-T-A
  • Slim, but powerful 1110 thermal circuit breaker
  • Standard-compliant DC 24 V protection REX12 electronic circuit protector
  • Safety for awesome ceramics REX12D with IO link protects ceramic furnaces


Issue 1 2018

  • Reliability counts. Why you can rely on a strong brand. 
  • Next Generation: ControlPlex® Controller CPC20
  • The smart ConAG Relay - EXR10 solid state relay
  • Compact and robust 1658 resettable circuit breaker protects fans.


Issue 3 2017

  • E-T-A is World Market Leader says the Swiss St Gallen University
  • Modern relays – the next generation Solid state relays and mechanical power relays
  • Intelligent distribution Smart power management and plant protection for communication technology
  • Liquid and beverage packaging in China REX12-T electronic circuit protector ensures packaging safety


Issue 2/2017

  • In the right direction - the right circuit breaker in the car makes your customer happy
  • Technological leadership. By tradition. 
  • One for all and all with one E-T-A’s 2210 - a true all-rounder
  • Selective load protection in a compact design. Flexible power distribution in the chemical industry
  • Electronic buses and hybrid buses take off in China - Solving challenging electronic set-ups with the E-T-A ESR10 micro