Solutions for the Telecom & Datacom Industry

Complete solutions for power distribution and overcurrent protection, combined with smart control and monitoring technology

Power distribution and overcurrent protection for telecommunication technology

Are you looking for reliable power distribution systems for your IT racks? We offer a wide range of conventional or intelligent power distribution systems for your server and network cabinets.

E-T-A products are the professional solution for the global use of telecommunication technology in accordance with UL requirements (Underwriters Laboratory) and ETSI (European Telecommunication Standard Institute).

Unrivalled system availability

E-T-A’s power distribution systems ensure selective disconnection of loads in network cabinets. In the event of a short circuit, only the defective load will be disconnected and the remaining loads can continue operating without interruptions. This helps avoid downtimes and increase the availability of your IT and telecommunications infrastructure.

Economic efficiency

Thanks to their modular design, E-T-A power distribution systems can be flexibly extended and ensure an economic efficiency second-to-none through short mounting times and maintenance-friendly design. Due to plug-in type circuit protectors, the power distribution systems can be extended during operation which prevents a shutdown of the entire system.

Customer-specific solutions

E-T-A offers customised power distribution solutions, tailor-made to your application. The sophisticated modular system ensures short development cycles. No matter if you wish to realise customer-specific small quantities or projects with a perennial runtime: you will always benefit from superior quality E-T-A products “made in Germany” and from permanently harmonised standards.


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Customer-specific power distribution

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Customer-specific power distribution