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Partnerships, Efficiency and Quality

Purchasing of materials for use in production is centralised for our five production facilities. E-T-A Purchasing is a service provider within the company and serves as a link between suppliers, engineering, production, quality management, and logistics. E-T-A Purchasing works hand in hand with Engineering and is involved from the commencement of new developments through series production. Purchasing thereby acts as a co-ordinator between all the departments of our company and our suppliers.

The selection of our suppliers is influenced not only by pricing but also by technical expertise, reliability, flexibility and quality. We aim to establish long-term partnerships with suppliers to reduce costs while at the same time optimising quality and efficiency, and to co-operate in new product development.

E-T-A requirements to our suppliers
We expect integrity and fair competition; ecological awareness; a sense of corporate social responsibility and a positive employee attitude wherever suppliers are working for us. Our fundamental philosophy requires your acceptance of the following principles:

Quality management
Our suppliers are certified at least to ISO 9001. We are prepared to jointly enhance products and processes.In order to continuously improve quality we monitor competitor activity. We immediately notify you in the event of quality or delivery problems involving products or processes. We favour suppliers who are willing to sign a quality agreement with us.

Environmental management
We avoid or minimise risk to our environment wherever possible. We use energy, water and raw materials carefully and efficiently, combining ecological and economic needs.

We minimise waste material and segregate it for treatment purposes wherever possible. We reduce detrimental effects on the environment by generating in our own power station one third of the electrical energy we need.

Corporate social responsibility
We operate decently, honestly and within the law according to international best practice. We respect human rights and condemn discrimination.
Our products are manufactured without child labour or compulsory labour. We guarantee a globally high standard for health and safety at work, as well as reasonable pay and conditions for our employees. Fair competition is a mandatory requirement for all companies within the E-T-A group.

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