REX22 - the extension in the REX portfolio

Planners in mechanical and plant engineering nowadays protect primary switched-mode power supplies and their DC 24 V load circuits mainly with electronic fuses. By the way, E-T-A invented them exactly 20 years ago.

Our REX portfolio combines 

  • different power supply and power distribution modules with 
  • electronic circuit breakers and
  • numerous communication interfaces.

The goals are always 

  • stable operation, 
  • simple troubleshooting and 
  • maximum machine and system availability. 

New in the portfolio E-T-A presents the type REX22 with fixed and adjustable rated currents up to 20 A. Linear current limitation always included.  

The setting of the rated currents is done in two ways depending on the respective variant of the REX22:

  • Either electronically via the control level or 
  • by means of a slide switch. 

In the latter case, the rated currents can be set and read even in the de-energized state. 

Basically, the following applies: Type REX22 selectively protects all DC 24 V load circuits and limits the output current linearly when switching on or before tripping.