CPC12 bus controller: Transparency through web server and fieldbus connection

The intelligent REX system is the perfect solution for protection and power distribution of their DC 24 voltage level. The system provides more transparency and remote access to all important information, thus increasing plant and machine availability. 

The key component is the CPC12 bus controller. It connects the REX system to the superordinate control level and continuously transmits the status and load current of the electronic circuit protectors. In this way, the user recognises changes in the current consumption at an early stage and can avoid downtimes. 

The circuit protectors are available with fixed or adjustable currents. An adjustable warning threshold informs the user when critical load currents are reached. In the event of a short circuit or overcurrent, the circuit protectors selectively switch off the respective load. The circuit protectors indicate this event as well as the superordinate control level. 

All system information is transmitted via PROFINET, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP or Ethernet IP. At the same time, the data is also available on the integrated web server.

Product info: CPC12