New REX12D-TE2 with adjustable current ratings

Perfect protection for DC 24 V power supply

Altdorf, 27. November 2018 – E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH, located in Altdorf near Nuremberg, presents REX12D-TE2, a new electronic circuit protector of the REX product group. As a special feature, the REX12D-TE2 offers adjustable current ratings between 1 A and 10 A in 1 A steps. It is a two-channel device, combining its special adjustability with an extremely slim design of only 6.25 mm per channel. It exactly meets the technical and economic requirements of the machine building industry. As with all other REX12 devices, no further accessories are required. Additionally, the REX12D-TE2 needs only minimum wiring efforts while being easy to mount. All this sums up to significant cost and time savings.

The new REX12D-TE2 is ideally suited to the DC 24 V power supply and can be operated with intelligent supply module via communication protocols such as IO link or Modbus RTU. The COM mode allows transmission of measuring and analysis data, control and parameterisation of current ratings. In addition, the REX12D-TE2 can also be operated with supply modules EM12-T. The standard mode allows quick manual parameterisation.

Another product feature of the REX12D-TE2: It forms the basis of the innovative REX-Quat-Pack. This is a four-channel combination of devices, consisting of two REX12D-TE2 circuit protectors and a standard EM12-T supply module. At a width of only 37.5 mm, The REX-Quat-Pack offers four channels with overcurrent protection, each with adjustable ratings from 1 A to 10 A. Current ratings can conveniently be parameterised and read by means of the push button on the device. The user can very easily adjust the combination package to the load conditions of the corresponding DC 24 V application. Besides space savings in the control cabinet, the REX-Quat-Pack also offers reduced stockkeeping because the four-channel-solution only carries a single part number.


The new REX12D-TE2 is ideally suited to the protection of DC 24 V power supplies.  In addition, it is the base unit of the innovative REX-Quat-Pack.


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