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Application report: Partnership at the highest level

  • INDUSTRY: MACHINE BUILDING INDUSTRY - Plastics extrusion, machine tools

Tradition and innovative strength for almost 100 years - WEBER, the internationally active family company, stands for perfection in the machine building industry and convinces customers from all over the world with the highest quality and reliability.

As an experienced manufacturer for extruder technology, wood grinding machines and metal grinding machines, WEBER uses its expert knowledge to develop innovative ideas in the field of additive manufacturing, robotics and automation as well as MES and Nexxt365. Read more...

“E-T-A’s cooperative partnership and technical understanding are unique in the market. This enables us to achieve our high-quality goals.”

Stefan Fischer, Head of Electrical Design, Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Requirement: WEBER Extruder Technology

In extrusion, solid to viscous hardenable masses are continuously pressed out of a shaping opening under high pressure. WEBER single- and twin-screw extruders are used in various application areas where precise processing of plastics in a high output range is required. These applications include the extrusion of window profiles and pipes as well as engineering plastics. In everyday life, we encounter hundreds of products that have been manufactured using a WEBER extruder.

WEBER had a requirement for a technically high-quality and modular DC 24 V overcurrent protection solution that enables selective protection. Technical support should be provided during and also after the design-in phase.

Solution: REX12-T (REX SYSTEM)

The compact and flexible REX all-in-one solution with the single and double-channel REX12-T electronic circuit protectors, which can be modularly mounted side by side, was used.

The product selection was made after a joint analysis by WEBER and E-T-A specialists. In addition, a metrological inspection was carried out in the real application.

Further projects

WEBER is planning the next step towards Industry 4.0 together with E-T-A. The intelligent REX12D-T circuit protectors together with the bus-capable ControlPlex® controllers offer maximum transparency and the basis for fast start-up and remote diagnostics.

All benefits at a glance

  • Cooperative partnership and high-quality technical solutions as the basis for a smooth series launch
  • Highest efficiency

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