Video ControlPlex Rack

ControlPlex Rack - the intelligent all-in-one system

Whether in telecommunications, transfer technology or data system engineering, system availability is always a top priority. 

ControlPlex®Rack is a complete intelligent system for power distribution and overcurrent protection, combined with control and monitoring technology. ControlPlex®Rack supports system uptime by using electronic overcurrent protection. It selectively disconnects loads in the event of a failure and prevents the entire system from shutting down.

The ControlPlex®Rack’s modular design offers our customers a tailor made and very cost efficient system for their applications. The hot-swappable, plug-in design of the components and their plug-and-play capabilities ensures flexible system expansion during operation.  

Serviceability and transparency is possible through remote load control and easy integration into existing management systems. Server cabinet space is at a premium. ControlPlex®Rack can record external sensor data and transmit it to the existing management system. This creates more space in the server cabinet for additional equipment.


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