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Application report: Standard-compliant protection and intuitive handling

  • PRODUCT SOLUTION: ESS31-T electronic circuit breaker

Innovative surface treatment
Plasmatreat is an international leader in the development and production of atmospheric plasma systems for the pre-treatment of material surfaces. Whether plastics, metal, glass or paper - the surface properties are modified in favour of the process requirements by way of industrial use of plasma technology.

The Plasmatreat group has technology centres in Germany, USA, Canada, China and Japan and is present with their globe-spanning sales and service network of subsidiaries and sales partners in more than 30 countries. Read more...​​​​​​​

“E-T-A’s circuit breakers are accepted worldwide thanks to various international approvals. This puts us in a very good position.

The simple and intuitive handling of the devices enables easy troubleshooting and increases the availability of the systems.”

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Markus Thiel, electrical design engineer at Plasmatreat GmbH

Openair-Plasma® technology

The Openair-Plasma® technology is used in almost every automated and continuous production process of most industries.

This is for example the automotive, electronics, transportation, packaging, consumer goods or textile industry, but also the medical equipment and the renewable energies sectors use technology-, cost- and environmental benefits of plasma technology.

International approvals will please any design engineer.

The ESS31-T circuit breaker for DC 24 V applications used in Plasmatreat’s special machines not only complies with the UL 1077 as „Supplementary Protector“, but also meets the approval according to EN / IEC 60934, thus being accepted worldwide.

This ensures certified protection of equipment in a control cabinet and of components in the field around the world, without having to change the electrical design.

Application-dependent current ratings

The 4 A circuit breakers ensure targeted protection in so-called “Low-voltage limited energy circuits” in “Industrial control panels” (control and switching cabinets) according to UL508A, while devices for up to 12 A are used for reliable protection of DC motors with high inrush currents.

Facilitated troubleshooting through intuitive handling

The ESS31-T circuit breaker combines standard-compliant and effective protection of DC 24 V circuits. After a fault-related disconnection due to short circuit or overload, the electronic circuit breaker signals the status by means of a red LED. A green LED displays the “good-condition”.

The visualisation enables clear detection of faulty circuits. Via the push button, the device can easily be switched on or off or reset after an error. The thought-through handling facilitates troubleshooting and increases system availability.


  • Globally deployable thanks to international approvals
  • Facilitated troubleshooting and increased system availability through intuitive handling

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