Electronic circuit protector with IO link included

Clever and smart for high system availability

Altdorf, 22. April 2016 – The REX12D electronic circuit protector is a new model presented by E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH, a newly designed protective element including the communication protocol IO link, particularly suitable for mechanical engineering and process control. The REX12D combines system transparency and ultimate flexibility with a compact design. Permanent transmission of the measuring values and status information together with the remote control capability of the individual load outputs helps reduce the response time in the event of failures. Any changes of the electrical and mechanical design can easily be carried out without any further accessories. This helps save time and costs.

The REX12D-TA2 is a double channel electronic circuit protector which is mounted side by side with the EM12D-TIO supply module. Both modules feature push-in technology and allow no-tool time-saving wiring. In spite of its small width, the REX12D-TA2 is a double channel device, separately protecting both load circuits. Current ratings 2 x 2 A, 2 x 4 A and 2 x 6 A are available.

Loads with with a total rating up to 40A can be protected if required by means of side-by-side rail-mounted circuit protectors which can be connected with the help of a unique hinged connector arm. No bridges, jumpers or busbars are required. Status indication of the REX12D-TA2 keeps you informed about the current state of each of the two channels of the device. Signalling shows connection of the load circuits and allows effective trouble-shooting. This will automatically increase the machine run times. The REX12D offers a wealth of IO link communication options and thus enables service personnel to detect faulty developments at an early stage and to react before the actual failure happens.

Faulty circuits will selectively be disconnected after approx. 3 seconds and in the event of a short circuit after less than 10 milliseconds. Thus overloading the power supply will reliably be prevented. Capacitive loads of up to 20,000 µF can be switched on without problems. The user can operate and selectively protect even sensitive and intelligent loads. The internal fail-safe element (blade fuse), which is adapted directly to the current rating of the circuit protector, allows easy adjustment to the cable cross section.


REX12D electronic circuit protector with IO link increases system transparency and thus availability. (photo: E-T-A, ©Alterfalter/Fotolia.com, ©industrieblick/Fotolia.com)

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