ESS30-S electronic circuit breaker
Now available with adjustable current ratings

The plug-in type ESS30-S electronic circuit breaker is a “low energy breaker” which is now also available with adjustable current ratings. It individually adapts to the current load conditions and combines standard-compliant physical isolation with active linear current limitation.

Adjustable current ratings cut inventory and offer more flexibility

The adjustable ESS30-S reduces inventory costs, because one unit covers two current ratings. You can select two options with 1A / 2A as well as 3A / 6A. The adjustable current ratings allow flexible adaptation to various load conditions. The breaker is also available in fixed current ratings ranging from 0.5 A to 10 A.

User-friendly operation in line with the relevant standards

The ESS30-S electronic circuit breaker has only one trip curve and combines user-friendly handling with absolutely standard-compliant protection.

Besides UL1077 (Supplementary Protector), the ESS30-S also meets the requirements of UL1310 (NEC Class2 - Class 2 Power Units) up to a current rating of 3.6A. The current limitation of the ESS30-S to 1.2 times rated current ensures that the DC 24 V power supply remains stable. In the event of a failure, only the faulty path is disconnected, all other circuits remain unaffected. This allows goal-oriented trouble-shooting and increases the run times of the machinery or plant.

  • Increased system availability through clear failure detection and signalling
  • Reduced inventory costs through adjustable devices
  • Global use enabled by comprehensive international approvals to IEC and UL

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