Electronic circuit protector reduces machine downtimes in drive engineering

New development for DC48V motor protection – ESX10-TC-101-DC48V

The new electronic circuit protector ESX10-TC-101-DC48V has especially been designed for the protection of power trains such as DC motors, multiphase motors, servomotors and their control technology and offers unrivalled stability regarding selective protection of several loads connected to a DC48V supply.

You can trust our well-proven current limitation technology which offers second-to-none reliability, even at double voltage rating.

Reduces machine downtimes

  • through robust design with max. performance and faultless operation
  • through reverse voltage protection up to 63V, ensuring superior operational reliability

Improves productivity and transparency

  • through clear and precise detection of short circuit and overload
  • through LED status indication and potential-free auxiliary contact

Makes planning and logistics easier

  • because you require only one device for 3 voltage ratings DC 24 V / DC 36 V / DC 48 V
  • because the current rating range reaches up to 16 A

The modular design of the ESX10-T...48V offers maximum flexibility

... and helps save time and costs. The standard version of the track-mountable ESX10-T, which is only 12.5mm wide, is a single-channel device. By means of busbars, the modular device allows construction of multi-channelled solutions and configuration of single or group signalling. The sophisticated mechanical design of the component also allows a minus load return directly to the module. This function enables hardware planners to realise a sub-distribution directly on the ESX10-T electronic circuit protector.

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