METS 2022, Amsterdam

Visit our stand at the METS 2022 in Amsterdam

Set course for a better yachting experience! From mobile phones to cars and houses, we live in a SMART world. Your customer’s yacht should be no exception. Convince yourself of all benefits of our digital switching systems.

We invite you to our trade fair stand from 15 to 17 November 2022:

Hall 5, Stand 01.400

PowerPlex® - the smart alternative for conventional power distribution systems

Digital Switching Systems such as PowerPlex® provide comprehensive options for controlling and monitoring and enable automation of important functions. They distribute the power and take over the control of all electrical and electronical systems, such as lighting, heating, pumps and fans.

It is centrally operated via user-friendly interfaces by means of displays and smartphones. The PowerPlex® system is an integral part of a yacht and ensures operational readiness even under the most challenging ambient conditions.

PowerPlex® at a glance:

  • AC & DC energy management
  • Lighting & Low voltage control
  • Measuring & Monitoring
  • HMI
  • Third Party connectivity & compatibility

You want to learn more? Visit us at the METS and convince yourself of PowerPlex®.

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Our product highlight: PowerPlex® DC024

The PowerPlex® DC024 is our power module with redundant protective functions for connected DC loads. One power module can control and monitor twelve electrical loads in total.

The power modules have a manual override function for each 8 A and 25 A output via integral electro-mechanical mini circuit breakers. This allows manual and direct switch-over and ensures access to critical functions.

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Our top selection: PowerPlex® module and accessories

PowerPlex® Mini Module MM300

DC Power Module with 8 outputs and 8 multi-functional inputs, total load current max. 12 A

PowerPlex® Compact Modul CM500

DC Power Module with 14 outputs and 8 multi-functional inputs, total load current max. 60 A, galvanically isolated CAN

 Typ PowerPlex® Touch Panel 7'' TP070 von E-T-A: Das PowerPlex® Touch Panel 7.0" ist ein kostengünstiges Farb-Touch-Display.

PowerPlex® Touch Panel 7'' TP070

Modern 7.0ʺ colour touch display for PowerPlex®, DC 12 V/DC 24 V

Typ PowerPlex® Webserver WS300 von E-T-A: Ermöglicht Anzeige, Überwachung und Steuerung eines PowerPlex® Systems.

PowerPlex® Web Server WS300

DC component for system control via smartphone, tablet and multi-function display

Our top selection: Relays


Mechanical Power Relays. Bistable electro-mechanical power relay, also suitable for 48V applications

Typ 3131-A von E-T-A: Einpolige Kombination Schutzschalter/Ein-Aus-Schalter mit Schaltwippe.


Thermal circuit breaker with rocker actuation,
single pole, water splash protected (IP66)

Typ 3130-F von E-T-A: Ein- bis dreipolige Kombination Schutzschalter/Ein-Aus-Schalter oder Taster mit Schaltwippe


Thermal circuit breaker with rocker
actuation, single, double or three pole

Our top selection: Battery master switches

Typ E-1073-437 von E-T-A: Ermöglicht eine fernsteuerbare Ein-/Ausschaltfunktion zwischen Batterie und Bordnetz.


Single or double pole battery isolation switch, additional electronic function module

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